The Music Story
I grew up listening to punk-rock, trip-hop, electronica and house music. 
Started collecting and experimenting with vinyl records and cds in 1998,

loved house music and after the DJ courses I took, started djing in 2001. 

Quickly started working in the most famous bars, clubs and events in Athens and not only,
counts dozens of music coverages, residencies or guesting, 
playing some mainstream, deep, electro, 
tech and uplifting tribal circuit house music

As one of the residents of the hottest venue of the capital, 
‘The apartment Athens club', took part in several events. Shared my booth and
played along with many international and domestic djs and producers.
To name a few, Marco da Silva, Juseph Leon, Ale Amaral, GSP, Tom Siher, Dani Toro,
Steven Redant, Leomeo, Nando, Sexshooters, Decode, Noah, Rahala,  
Mikee, Adrianos Papadeas, Mikael Delta, Tareq, Clubkid, Anna Maria Harokopou,
Cleopatra Fyntanidou, G-Pal, V-Sag, 
also worked with Courtney Parker, Kelly Kaltsi, e.t.c. 
Resident dj of 'Babylon' club Mykonos 2015 and 2016.
Proud member of the international event 'XLSIOR festival' Mykonos 2015, 2016 and 2017.
 Played at the famous 'SPANK' interactive sex parties.
Played in 'The apartment Nicosia club' in Cyprus.
One of the djs of the UTOPIA Athens pre-pride festival, an event with international djs, 
that is predicted to be a breakthrough, starting fresh in 2017.

Active volunteer in significant acts, took part in ‘Divas for the dogs’, 
animal-lovers’ gala in the heart of town of Mykonos with the best team 
on the island of season 2009. I've covered one of the first Athens’ Pride parades
in 2007, World Peace sign in 2009, helped with the fund-raising of 
Athens’ Pride parade of 2013, 2014 and 2017.
Played at Checkpoint street party 2017 along with V-Sag.
Covered with music the event of 'World's day against AIDS' 2014,
annual event arranged by the municipality of Athens and national organizations.


Club Residencies, Guest Appearances, Music Coverage


2013 - Now

The apartment Nicosia club | Gazi spirit | XLSIOR festival | Babylon | The apartment Athens club| O' Sauvage | World's day against AIDS | S-cape | Just Mayo | Rooster | Vyrsodepseio | Sax | Ciccus | 8th Sin | Athens pre-Pride | Checkpoint Street party | Utopia | Hitirio | Barμπας

"The apartment" Nicosia club (Nicosia, Cyprus) 2017
''Gazi spirit'' 2017
"Barμπας" 2017
"Checkpoint Street party" (along w/ V-Sag) 2017
"Athens Pride Party" (Hytirio) 2017
"UTOPIA" Athens circuit festival 2017
''XLSIOR festival'' (Mykonos) 2015, 2016 and 2017
''Babylon'' club (Mykonos) 2015 and 2016
"The apartment" club (Metaxourgeio, Gazi, Athens) 2013-2018
"O' Sauvage" bar/club (Gazi, Athens) 2014
''World's day against AIDS'' event (Athens) 2014
"S-cape" club (Gazi, Athens) 2014
"Just Mayo" bar/club (Gazi, Athens) 2014
"Athens Pride Party" (Vyrsodepseio along w/ V-Sag and Lefteris Lappas) 2014
"Rooster" cafe (Monastiraki) Antivirus Birthday Party 2013
"Sax" cafe/bar (Kifissia, Athens) 2013
"Ciccus" restaurant/cafe/bar (Monastiraki/Thisseio, Athens) 2013
"Athens Pride Party" (8th Sin club along w/ V-Sag) 2013
2011 - 2012

AlmodoBar | Valentino | Alexander Sauna | Kolonaki Republic | El Cielo | Candybar | Pop Corn | Booze

"AlmodoBar" (Gazi, Athens) 2004-2012
"Valentino" club (Gazi, Athens) 2012-2013
"Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez sex show" (Alexander Sauna) 2012
"El Cielo" Antivirus Birthday Party 2012
"Kolonaki Republic" bar (Kolonaki, Athens) 2011
First "UpSession" party in Greece.(Candybar club, guest dj Steven Redant. Gazi, Athens) 2011
"Pop Corn" club (Kolonaki, Athens) 2011
"X-it Party, a multi-colour event in the heart of Athens" (Booze bar) 2011
2009 - 2010

AlmodoBar | WhySleep | Nataraja | VS | 6 D.O.G.S | Babylon | Noiz | Sodade | LaDiDa | Divas for the dogs | CoffeeCat | Peace Sign | Enola | Argo-Kolonaki

"AlmodoBar" (Gazi, Athens) 2004-2012
"WhySleep" cafe/bar (Gazi, Athens) 2010
"Nataraja" bar (Gazi, Athens) 2010
"VS" club (Gazi, Athens) 2010
"London Calling" (6 D.O.G.S. bar, Psirri, Athens) 2010
"Babylon" club (Mykonos) 2010
"Antivirus" magazine X-mas party (Noiz club) 2010
"Sodade" Antivirus Birthday Party (Gazi, Athens) 2009
"LaDiDa" bar (Gazi, Athens)2008-2009
"CoffeeCat" club (Mykonos) 2009
"Peace Sign" (Monastiraki sq.) 2009
"InnovatioNorth" party (Enola club, Thessaloniki) 2010
"Argo-Kolonaki" club (Kolonaki, Athens) 2009
"Antivirus" magazine birthday parties (various clubs)
"Divas for the dogs" (benefit show for stray dogs in Mykonos)2009
2007 - 2008

AlmodoBar | LaDiDa | S-Cape Café | Millenium Gold | Athens Pride | Sodade

"AlmodoBar" (Gazi, Athens) 2004-2012
"LaDiDa" bar (Gazi, Athens)2008-2009
"Scape Cafe " (Gazi, Athens)2007-2008
"Millenium Gold" cafe/bar (Gazi, Athens)2008
"Athens Pride Parade" 2007
"Sodade" (Gazi, Athens) Antivirus Season Party 2007
2005 - 2006

AlmodoBar | Blue Train | Kazarma Summer | David | AlmodoBar | Chroma Χρώμα

"AlmodoBar" (Gazi, Athens) 2004-2012
"Blue Train" cafe/bar (Gazi, Athens) 2005-2006
"Kazarma Summer" bar (Gazi, Athens) 2006
"David" club (Gazi, Athens) 2006
"AlmodoBar" (Gazi, Athens) 2005-2012
"Chroma Χρωμα" bar (Syntagma, Athens) 2005

AlmodoBar | Arroyo

"AlmodoBar" (Gazi, Athens) 2004-2012
"Arroyo" bar/restaurant (Gazi) 2004-2005
2002 - 2003

Group Therapy | N'debele

"Group Therapy" bar (Psirri, Athens) 2002-2003
"N'debele" beach bar (Alepohori-Psatha) 2003
2000 - 2001


"Sodade" club (Gazi, Athens) 2000-2001


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